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Celtic Design Tattoos

People have been getting Celtic tattoos for centuries to show homage to their culture and race. Now that their ancient civilization has vanished, there has never been a better time than ever to pay your respects to you heritage of the Celtic tribes by getting a Celtic tattoo design and to immortalize their legacy in ink.

Celtic tattoo designs have many unique artistic features, color schemes and historical significance.

Celtic Knot - The Celtic knot is a series of interwoven lines (knotwork) that weave together like a maze to form an intricate design. The key feature of the design is that none of the ropes in the knot ever end - they appear to wrap around themselves forever into infinity. This is said to represent the circular nature of life or the never ending cycle of natures seasons over time.

Celtic Cross - Celtic cross tattoos share the same weaving rope pattern as the Celtic knot, but instead of  a small pattern, the outline of the lines forms the shape of a Christan cross. This design has strong religious connections, but has been used by Celtic tribes to represent ethnicity as well.

Claddagh - The Claddagh is a common symbol of Irish heritage. The Claddagh depicts a heart being held by a pair of hands with a crown above. The two hands represent friendship, the crown-loyalty, and the heart-love.

Celtic Tree of Life -  Celtice tree of life tattoos have related meanings to knotwork tattoos. Tree of life tattoos are composed of interweaving lines that form circular branches around a central trunk. The begining and end of the branches are not showen, so the design represents a feeling of continuaty in nature. The Celtic tree of life tattoo is also said to represent the belief that life has no begning or end, but rater cycles infinatly.

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