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Where to find Tattoo Designs

One of the first things you will will ask yourself after deciding to get your first tattoo is, “where can I find tattoo designs?” It seems you have already been searching the Net for designs, and that is a good thing. The Internet is one of the best places to find tattoo designs and tattoo design ideas.

The Top 3 Places To Find Tattoos Online

There are three main options when it comes to finding tattoo designs online. The three best places to search are: Tattoo design sites, Google, and Youtube.

#3) YouTube- This is a good place to start finding tattoo design ideas because there are a good number of videos posted with a large variety of different tattoo designs. The only problem is that there is also a lot of crap and if you happen to find a good design you can’t really print it out.

#2) Google - Searching Google to find tattoos is another excellent way to get that tattoo design you’ve always wanted. However if you have spent any time looking, you will find that most of the free sites don’t have much selection, and the designs aren’t even always unique across the various sites.

#1) Tattoo Design Websites - By far the best way to find tattoos online is to use tattoo gallery websites. The benefit of these sites is that they have thousands of tattoo designs that are easy to search and download. Simply search their tattoo database until you find the tattoo you like, print it out, and take it to your tattoo artist. You can browse these sites whenever you want and print as many different tattoo designs as you want. Most of these sites offer lifetime memberships for as little as $34, so they are well worth the small initial investment.

Click Here For a Review of the Best Tattoo Design Sites

Remember that choosing a tattoo design is the most important step when it comes to getting a tattoo, so take your time! Your tattoo will likely be on your body for your entire life, so it’s important that you are very happy with the design before it is applied.

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Tattoo Aftercare

Any good tattoo shop will give you detailed aftercare information when you get your tattoo.

The details may vary slightly, but there are a handful of standard procedures like proper cleansing, moisturizing, and protection. Following your tattooists instructions will ensure your tattoo stays looking good, and that you won’t face any unnecessary complications during healing.

Failure to follow the aftercare instructions can result in faded ink, excessive scabbing, rejection of the ink by your immune system, a spotty or broken design, and even severe infection. Aftercare is essential, and there are products specifically designed to help your tattoo heal properly. Your tattoo shop will fill you in with all the details.

Related to proper after care is the importance of sun protection for your tattoos (and long term health).

These days, most people know that exposure to the sun can wrinkle your skin and even cause cancer. And so, we cover up our skin and protect it from the sun using SPF lotion. But, did you know that along with your health, you risk destroying your tattoos with repeated exposure to the sun?

Wearing sunscreen and protecting your tattoos from the sun is especially important in the months after getting a tattoo, but it should really become a lifelong habit. Sun protection will protect your health, as well as you body art investment. Protect your skin and you will look beautiful for years to come!

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Choose the Right Tatoo Parlor

There are lots of tattoo parlors out there. Did you pick the right one? We’ll teach you how to know if a parlor is right for you. Don’t settle for second rate work!

Getting a tattoo isn’t like having your house painted, where just anyone with a brush and some paint can do a passable job.

First and foremost, tattooists are artists, and like any profession some are better than others. There are several criteria you should consider when choosing a tattoo parlor. First, it is vital to pick a tattoo shop that follows all the legal health regulations in your area.

Saving an extra $20 dollars isn’t worth contracting hepatitis, a blood infection, or AIDS. Any reputable tattoo parlor is clean, sterilizes all equipment, covers your skin to avoid contamination, and always uses latex gloves while working.

If a parlor refuses to sterilize or remove equipment from sealed packaging in front of you, leave and find another shop.

Second, pick a shop that takes a personal interest in providing you with the best tattoo. These parlors will support you with proper aftercare suggestions, free or cheap touch-ups if needed, and will work with you to make sure your design fits your lifestyle, your wallet and your body.

Finally, make sure that you pick a parlor that has experience in the type of work you want done. For example, a shop that specializes in tribal designs isn’t the right place to go for a portrait of your child, nor is a run-of-the-mill studio where you want to go for a traditional Japanese black and gray shading tattoo.

Ask to see portfolios of the artist’s previous work if you have an concerns, and discuss your design with the artist. Often, being a professional tattoo artist, they can make suggestions that will improve your tattoo’s design and your enjoyment.

Just as picking the right tattoo studio is important, avoiding amateur artists is equally vital. Your friend with the homemade kit consisting of a sewing needle and Bic pen is not doing you any favors by saving you money on a professional tat, no matter how many tats he’s done.

In this case, what your friend is doing is ensuring you get a poor design, with potentially dangerous inks, greatly increased risks of infection, and a tattoo that looks like you spent a bad night in a Tijuana prison. It surely isn’t the piece of individual expression you wanted permanently on your body.

In summary, if you go to an amateur, you will later regret it. No matter how much money is saved at the beginingt, you will end up spending two or three times that in hospital bills, cover-up jobs, or removal.

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