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Heart Tattoo Designs

Hearts are usually associated with love, but a heart tattoo can represent many different things in peoples lives. Heart tattoos include the traditional Valentine design with the name of a loved one and an arrow through the heart, and more realistic human heart tattoos. Heart tattoos often symbolize love and romance, but are also a way to memorialize children, lovers, and other family members. Heart tattoos can also symbolize life changing events, using designs such as bleeding heart tattoos or broken heart tattoos that represent death or the loss of a loved one.

Most cultures attach special significance to the heart: for instance the ancient Egyptians believed the heart to be the center of emotional and rational thought. Christians believe it to be origin of emotions (particularly love), while Islam sees the heart as the center of spirituality.

Consider carefully if you are thinking of getting a heart tattoo to express your romantic love. Relationships don’t always last forever, while a tattoo does. You don’t want to snap to a decision and end up with a permanent reminder of someone you can’t stand anymore.

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