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Small Tattoo Designs

For most people getting a tattoo, size is an issue. Not everyone wants a full sleeve, back piece, or even something half that size. Small tattoo designs are especially popular with tattoo newcomers, so fortunately, many tattoo designs can scale down in size. Your tattoo artist will be able to shrink or enlarge most designs you bring to the shop, but it is always best to start with the largest possible design to preserve as much detail as possible when shrinking.

For women, small flower tattoo designs and small butterfly tattoos are very popular. These tattoos are usually placed on the ankle. In fact, areas like the ankle are ideally suited to small tattoo designs, because the design ends up proportionate to the body part you place it on.

If you’re looking to shrink a large tattoo down, go with a simple design. Otherwise, the fine details that can fit in a large tattoo will be lost or muddled when it is shrunk. Portraits, and other tattoos with a lots of composition and shading are best left large, while simple shapes and images work well with a small design.

Many people, especially when they’re considering their first tattoo, are nervous about seeing large designs, because they’re not ready to jump in the deep end yet. If you feel this way, a small tattoo design is right decision. A great deal of tattoo styles and designs can be done nicely at a small scale, though picking the exact design that will work best for you can take some experience, so be willing to ask your artist’s advice in this matter.

You can have practically any tattoo design done in a small format, and this includes popular tattoos such as

Small angel tattoo designs
Small asian tattoo designs
Small butterfly tattoo designs
Small celtic tattoo designs
Small cross tattoo designs
Small dolphin tattoo designs
Small dragon tattoo designs
Small fairy tattoo designs
Small heart tattoo designs
Small religious tattoo designs
Small rose tattoo designs
Small star tattoo designs
Small star tattoo designs
Small sun tattoo designs
Small tribal tattoo designs
Small zodiac tattoo designs

As you can see, if you don’t try to add extensive detail, there is plenty of selection to choose from in small tattoo designs.

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