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Sun Tattoo Designs

The spiritual and religious significance of the sun has led people to get sun tattoo designs for centuries. The sun is a giver of life and sustains mankind. Today however, sun tattoos are popular for other reasons besides their appeal to primeval man.

Sun Face TattooSun tattoos designs can be executed in a wide variety of styles and colors, and in almost any size, from full back piece to a small tribal design. With their simple circular design, sun tattoos place well on most parts of the body.

Shoulders, shoulder blades, chest, legs, and the back are popular places for men to get sun tattoos. Women often choose the lower back, nape of the neck, or around the navel or hip for a sun tattoo.

Sun and Moon TattooBecause of the flexibility of sun tattoo designs, you can pick a design you like, but give it your own personal style by selecting a non traditional color, or leaving it black and gray. Personified suns are also popular, using the image of Father Sun and/or Mother Moon.  Sun tattoo designs are also sometimes combined with a moon or star to make a  set of heavenly bodies.

Many ancient drew life from the sun, and you can find tribal style sun tattoo designs in almost any culture. Evidence is in the ancient Egyptian texts, Pueblo Indian art, Aztec astrological charts, or ancient sailing maps.

Sun tattoo designs are truly one of the most diverse, flexible and enduring tattoo designs.

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