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Tattoo Aftercare

Any good tattoo shop will give you detailed aftercare information when you get your tattoo.

The details may vary slightly, but there are a handful of standard procedures like proper cleansing, moisturizing, and protection. Following your tattooists instructions will ensure your tattoo stays looking good, and that you won’t face any unnecessary complications during healing.

Failure to follow the aftercare instructions can result in faded ink, excessive scabbing, rejection of the ink by your immune system, a spotty or broken design, and even severe infection. Aftercare is essential, and there are products specifically designed to help your tattoo heal properly. Your tattoo shop will fill you in with all the details.

Related to proper after care is the importance of sun protection for your tattoos (and long term health).

These days, most people know that exposure to the sun can wrinkle your skin and even cause cancer. And so, we cover up our skin and protect it from the sun using SPF lotion. But, did you know that along with your health, you risk destroying your tattoos with repeated exposure to the sun?

Wearing sunscreen and protecting your tattoos from the sun is especially important in the months after getting a tattoo, but it should really become a lifelong habit. Sun protection will protect your health, as well as you body art investment. Protect your skin and you will look beautiful for years to come!

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